Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Hero Among Many

In about a week, my brother, Jerad, will be on a plane bound for Afghanistan. Although I am scared for the dangers he will face, I am so proud of him. He stands for what he believes in and he is a patriot. I am so thankful that we have brave young men and women like him to defend our great country and our way of life. It is because of our soldiers that we aren't facing the terror of many parts of the world on our own soil right now.

Before he left, I wanted to shoot some photos of him that really honor that notion. We went to the US Soldier burial ground at Cave Hill Cemetery for the ones in uniform. The casual ones were shot on Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

Please keep my brother and his unit in your thoughts and prayers over the coming months.


Mike said...

Really Great Pics. I include him in my prayers

gerry said...

I was lucky enough to meet your brother in Nashville and we have been in contact with him via Email for over a year. He is a wonderful man who will be kept in my families prayers. WE are all greatful on this July 4th to live in a the Greatest Country in the world protected by the Bravest military in the world. Thank you.
Gerry and Family


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