Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wedding Season Kickoff: Roger & Erica are now Mister and Misses!

It rained on their wedding day like cats & dogs, much like the day of their engagement session, but Erica & Roger didn't let it dampen their spirits. Neither the bride or groom were bothered by the details of the day, the rain, or anything else. They kept it all in perspective and the day was amazing!

The ceremony was so revealing of Erica & Roger's love for one another that it moved me to tears. I am so happy that I got to be a part of such a special day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Love is in the air!

Yet another beautiful love story from a bride & groom-to-be, Danielle and Todd:

One Saturday night I went out to BLU at the Marriott Downtown with a few of my girlfriends for a night of cocktails and fun. We were standing at the bar having a great time and in walks Kid Rock. BLU had made a pretty big deal of him being there and had sectioned off a couple of tables in the back for him and his entourage to party at. A few minutes had gone by and I recognized a lead singer from a local band had walked in and was hanging out with Kid Rock. While I was at the bar a beautiful man (Todd) with long blond dreadlocks approached me stating that he knew me from somewhere. I knew of Todd from being in the same band as the singer that I recognized, and I also had some friends that knew Todd, however I had never met him personally so I told him that we had never met. We continued our conversation and he actually remembered me from High School! We had Algebra 2 together, and I do not remember him at all!! Remember the singer that I told you about earlier, well he does not have that great of a reputation, and I figured that since Todd was in a band with him that he was just like him, and truly lived that "rock star" life if you know what I mean. With that said I was not interested in going out on a date with Todd after he had asked me. He asked for my phone # in case I changed my mind, and I took his instead. Three weeks had gone by, and I was out again with some of my girlfriends. It was still early, and they were ready to go home, and well, I was not! I was going through my phone calling people to see if they were out and everyone was staying at home. I then stumbled across Todd's # and said what the hell, so I gave him a call. He was at Wicks on Bardstown road and he asked me to come meet him, so I did. I had the best conversation with Todd that night, and I realized that there was something special and unique about him. I was very intrigued and very curious to know more about him, so I agreed to a date. Todd and I went out every night (give and take a few) after that for about a month. We were inseparable. He has the most gentle soul and he has brought out the very beat in me. I love him with all my heart. It's so funny when your not looking for love, it smacks you right in the face! I was so content being single, and having fun with my friends. I was not looking for a relationship at all, and that one night Todd came into my life and it is the best thing that has happened to us both! Now we are so excited to go back to the very place we met and give our vows of love to one another!

Friday, March 7, 2008

One Year of Wedded Bliss

Luke and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday. It doesn’t seem like a year has passed! He surprised me with a bouquet of blue hydrangeas, which is what I carried on our wedding day. Luke is always is so thoughtful!
We had a delicious dinner at the restaurant inside the Executive Inn, where we stayed on our wedding night. When we got home, we popped open the Korbel Sweet Rosé champagne we got on our honeymoon (from the oh-so-swanky VIP tour we got of Korbel Champagne Cellars.) Then, we smashed cake in each others faces! I would highly recommend this to all of my couples- it is truly more fun than you could imagine. Digging cake from your nasal cavity, not so much, but completely worth it!

Corinne & Cordell's love story

Corinne and Cordell will be married on December 20th at the Cathedral of the Assumption and the reception will be at the Pendennis Club.

In Corinne's words, their story goes a little something like this: Cordell and I were seated together (on purpose) at the rehearsal dinner of my friend from law school, Meridith, and Cordell's friend from high school, Clint. A few of us went out that night and Cordell and I hit it off. Meridith and Clint's wedding the next night was our first official date. From there we began a long-distance relationship for a year. I was in law school in Dayton and he was in Louisville, and then I moved to Chicago for about 10 months. Around our 1 year anniversary Cordell asked me to move to Louisville and I said yes, from that point on it has been bliss.

This story is proof the love can actually be found when your friends set you up. Granted, most of the time it is disastrous, but it worked out from Corinne & Cordell. Congratulations guys!

Cassie and Patrick

Cassie and Pat were so much fun! We went downtown to shoot, since the weather was a little too yucky to venture out into the grass (we originally planned to shoot at Locust Grove.) The urban feel of the photographs really works well for them.

Melanie and Charles

Melanie and Charles will be married on October 18th at Highland Baptist Church and their reception will be held on the Captain's Quarters yacht. Pretty cool, huh?

When I asked for a quick run-down of how she and Charles met and why they fell in love to share with my blog readers, I got a beautiful story. Melanie, thank you so much for putting the time & effort to tell your story so well. I love the fact that Charles wrote his version as well. It is very rare for a groom to so openly share such a touching story. So, without further ado, here is their story, written in their own words:

I met Charles working 3rd shift at a Denny’s Restaurant in St. Matthews (shhhh, don’t tell – it’s embarrassing), when I was 21 years old. Charles had only been on the LMPD for a year when I met him. The officers would come in around 3-3:30 a.m. every morning because there was no other place open. I was definitely not looking for love when Charles came into my life. My world had been flipped upside down. I was at the beginning of finding out who I was, as a person and as a woman. I knew I was in love with Charles when he waited for me. He not only waited for me to discover myself, he guided me along the way. While on my path to self-discovery, I found the true meaning of love with him, what it means to love healthily and completely, and how it feels to be loved in the same way. While, I was not prepared for the intense love Charles had to give at the age of 21, I knew he was truly my gift from God, (after 9 years together, he still opens the car door for me EVERY SINGLE Time). I love Charles for his patience, acceptance, understanding, and unconditional true love – I am so excited to stand beside him on October 18, 2008 and proudly be able to call myself is wife. Charles, you are a great man, my “Mr. Wonderful.” I am so proud of you and of our love – Thank you for everything, Baby! I love you.

October 1998 was a milestone year for me. Not because I achieved my dream of becoming a police officer, but because God had a better plan. I had always thought that reaching a lifelong dream would be the best thing I could think of, it just turns out I needed a bigger imagination. My goal led me to the best thing to ever walk into my life, Melanie. It was my first year on the street working the graveyard shift in the east end of Louisville. She worked at one of the only restaurants open at 4 am. I walked in and sat down, and this gorgeous redhead took my drink order. As I sat there contemplating how I could get to know her, the radio called and I had to leave, unable to return for the remainder of that night. My next night back to work I made sure I got to the restaurant a good deal earlier than my co-workers to allow me some time to talk with her. She had a few minutes and sat down with me. We exchanged numbers and I asked her on a date. During the conversation she told me she had never gotten flowers from anybody other than her dad…. I had my angle!! I showed up at the restaurant about 10 minutes late, because I some trouble finding an open florist. Finally, I arrived, I gave her the flowers and we sat down to eat, it was a great conversation, her eyes sparkled, her smile was beautiful…. I was captivated. We went outside after dinner…. we kissed and for the first…and last time in my life…. I was truly in love.

When I met Melanie I was in a particularly dark point in my personal life. I was alone as my family had moved to Texas, and other personal issues had me feeling professionally fulfilled but emotionally vacant. Melanie has and does show me every day what love is. She has taught me how to love, trust and believe in people when my profession tries to make me believe otherwise. She is the light that guides me home.

“In that book, which is my memory... On the first page, that is the chapter when I first met you, appears the words... Here begins a new life".
- Dante Alighieri


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