Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Big Welcome to Kristina & Aaron!

I love hearing the wonderful stories of how people meet and fall in love. Sometimes they are seem more like fairytales than real-life, and sometimes they are just very simple and honest.

Kristina and Aaron are getting married on October 4, 2008 at Otter Creek Park, a beautifully scenic location. They are both private people and very down to earth. When I asked Kristina to tell me about how she met and fell in love with Aaron, here's what she had to say:
"We met in the winter of 2000, he played softball with my now brother-in-law. Aaron always kind of liked me but he was too shy. Not to mention that the first time we met I yelled at him (I thought he was being mean to my nephew!) Well, when my brother-in-law finally got married in July 2006, Aaron was there. He called my sister the next day and asked for my phone number, but it took him two weeks to ask me out. But after that we pretty much have spent every day together. I guess it was not love at first sight but once we gave it a shot we knew that was it for both of us."

I love their story because of it's honesty. No-frills, just the simple truth. They spent lots of time together and learned to love one another in a way that they are both fulfilled. Beautiful.


Jaci said...

I love stories like this too. So honest and real.

I've been perusing your photos. Great images. I like your style!


Shaylynn said...

I am also getting married at Otter Creek Park in October! I am excited to hear what services you have to offer and hopefully be able to book you!!!


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