Friday, March 7, 2008

Corinne & Cordell's love story

Corinne and Cordell will be married on December 20th at the Cathedral of the Assumption and the reception will be at the Pendennis Club.

In Corinne's words, their story goes a little something like this: Cordell and I were seated together (on purpose) at the rehearsal dinner of my friend from law school, Meridith, and Cordell's friend from high school, Clint. A few of us went out that night and Cordell and I hit it off. Meridith and Clint's wedding the next night was our first official date. From there we began a long-distance relationship for a year. I was in law school in Dayton and he was in Louisville, and then I moved to Chicago for about 10 months. Around our 1 year anniversary Cordell asked me to move to Louisville and I said yes, from that point on it has been bliss.

This story is proof the love can actually be found when your friends set you up. Granted, most of the time it is disastrous, but it worked out from Corinne & Cordell. Congratulations guys!



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