Thursday, April 22, 2010

KIDS Center Walk and Roll Fundraiser

I am posting this to ask for your help. I work closely with an amazing nonprofit here in town that serves kids with disabilities. I've had the chance to spend time around these kids at events watching them do the every day work to push past their limits and discover their potential. The Center does great work, but needs your help because they turn no child away. In these tight times, that spirit of helping everyone means more now than ever. But they can only stay true to this vow with help from people like you.

I am raising money for the Center's WALK & ROLL for Kids event this May. I'd love for you to join me in supporting the Center. You can walk, do your own online fund-raising page, etc. But at a minimum I'd love for you to consider a small donation and ask that you send this email on to others that you know.

Thanks for any help you can give. Click here for my fund-raising web page

Here are some images I shot of therapy sessions in progress at the center:

Look at those curls!


Check out those cool Spiderman shoes!

His therapist had him really working hard, look at that sweat!

Practicing daily living skills, like getting dressed


Anonymous said...

The pictures of the therapy sessions really touched my heart. The struggles these little guys go through each day just to try to obtain skills for daily living is such an eye opener. It makes me think do I really do enough for my community?


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