Friday, October 5, 2007

Yellowcard at 4th Street Live

Yellowcard rocked it out last night at 4th Street Live! There was a really good turnout for the show (everyone was shoulder to shoulder.) I must say I was unaware of the many other fans out there. They had lots of energy and sounded awesome. I highly recommend that everyone go out and get their new CD- and all of their old ones too! :) I have a few of their songs on my Ipod (mainly older ones)and I can't wait to get them all. The closing song, Ocean Avenue, was the highlight of the show for me, but all of the songs were fabulous.

Of course, I did not attempt to bring my nice camera, although I would have loved to have some good pics. My husband did bring our point and shoot Canon PowerShot to get a few of the band.



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