Monday, June 16, 2008

Corey & Micah's Love Story

First of all, I have to start out by saying that Corey and Micah are the sweetest couple ever! A couple of weeks ago their engagement session was scheduled on a Friday. Corey's car broke down and they were running really late. Corey asked me if it would be ok if they were there in 30 minutes (almost an hour after their appointment time.) Unfortunately, my schedule wouldn't allow for it, so I had to say no. I felt awful. She felt awful. We both kept apologizing to each other. And to make things worse, Micah was in from Nashville for the weekend and it is really hard for him to take time from work. Sooooo... against my normal way of doing things, I told them that I would shoot their engagements the next day, Saturday. Turns out that, although it was still hot, the weather was way better for photos anyway. We had a lot of fun that day. I just got a sweet little thank you card in the mail from Corey thanking me for accommodating them. I am so blessed to have such thoughtful clients!

And now, for their love story. This was written and sent to me by Micah, which I thought was very impressive. Most of the love stories I put on my blog are written by the brides-to-be. So, without further ado, in Micah's own words, this is how it happened:

Our love story begins like many others, in college, Corey’s freshman year, my junior. At several school functions I noticed an absolutely gorgeous blonde. Working on our Baptist Campus Ministries media team I worked with a couple of younger guys On one particular evening I remember seeing Corey speaking with one of those younger guys and then joking with him that his girlfriend might be upset. “We’re just friends”, was his response.
In the following weeks I was able to interact with Corey more personally. Hanging out at the local Arby’s, (our small college town doesn’t have much in the way of night life). We hung out with friends and exchanged phone numbers. After much scheming from our close friends more meetings were contrived. We studied together, went to the movies and took the “Seasoned salt” trip. While hanging out at a friends house someone began cooking and requested seasoned salt. Looking for someone to make the inevitable trip to the grocery, I was nominated, but at the time I didn’t have a car. “Oh, Corey can take you.” was the response and off we went. On that trip we discussed our respective futures , our pasts, our families and the various aspects of life, growing more and more fond of each other.
After a week of falling for Corey I asked her on a date. I took Corey to a popular Campbellsville spot on Green River lake. At that spot, after talking and praying with Corey, I asked her to begin a relationship with me and we kissed for the first time.
Our relationship only got better from that point on, there have been ups and downs, great moments like our trip to Disney World and many hard days spent apart. Through it all we’ve stuck together and grown closer.
It wasn’t long until we both knew that this was forever. After being together for several months, while we were visiting at a friends house I snuck into the room where Corey was sleeping, cuddled next to her and asked, “Can I marry you some day?" From that day on we have known we were meant to be.
In May of 2007 I graduated college and moved to Nashville . After working for more than a year I saved enough money to finally buy Corey an engagement ring. Knowing that Christmas was her favorite holiday I knew exactly when to propose. I spent Christmas Eve with my family and the next morning left for Corey’s house. Before we all left for the big family gathering I was able to quietly ask Corey’s parents for her hand, they agreed and gave me a very big hug. Corey and I had agreed to make each other something as Christmas gifts instead of purchasing something. Corey had done a great job and made me a teepee It was inside the teepee that I proposed to Corey. Not on one knee but a more historically accurate, sitting legs crossed.
From that very moment Corey and I have grown closer and fallen even more in love. We both look forward to living together, sharing a home and all the wonderful challenges and rewards that come with marriage. Most of all we can not wait to finally be with one another forever and experience the adventures of life as a married couple.

Ok, let's all say together- awwwwwwwwwwww!



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