Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stephanie and Rob's Story

Many of you are interested in and have asked how Rob's proposal actually happened, the logistics of it all. How in the heck did he pull it off?!?! Well, here is the story, in Rob's words:

"Planning this was a huge task, but the pay-off was perfect. The plan was to take Stephanie out to dinner and go to the waterfront with a bottle of wine at sunset. Jessica and I had met the previous Monday to find the perfect spot for a sunset proposal. I told Jessica what to say to Stephanie in order for the “flow” of the proposal to work. She had to ask, “how long have you been together?” “You still haven’t proposed after that long?” When Jessica got into the position, I got to propose…sounds simple, right?

We made it to dinner at 5:30 and paid the bill by 6:15. The one time I wanted to wait for a table, we had the service of a lifetime. Time was against my plan, but the weather was getting better. We spent nearly 20 minutes trying to, “find” a good bottle of wine. I was just stalling. We reached the waterfront around 7:00. Sunset was scheduled for 8:45. Great. We talked, took a walk, talked, and took another walk. 8:15 and Stephanie wanted to go home. I convinced her to stay. We ended up taking some photos of ourselves and sure enough, Stephanie said, “we should have a professional do this.” As soon as she put her camera in her case, Jessica came around the corner, “introduced”, herself and everything else speaks for itself.

Everything worked perfect, the weather, the sunset, the photography, and the emotions. Words cannot describe how special it was for you to be able to capture that moment so we can share it with our friends and family. When I saw the picture of me down on one knee and Stephanie’s hands on her face, it literally took my breath away again. Thank you so very much."


Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing!


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