Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kara & Eric's Custom Guest Book

What are custom guest books? They are especially for those of you who don’t want a guest book that you will put on the shelf and never look at again. This fun and unique book is a great way share your engagement images with the guests at your reception. And you will forever treasure the heart-felt advice on love and life guests offer in the this book that's custom designed to fit your personality.

I just finished Kara & Eric's design. It is FABULOUS! I am so excited to see it in print. I had to put a rush order on the printing, since there are only four weeks until the wedding!

This is the cover of the book-- Front & Back

This represents the first page when you open up the book. The next all represent two-page spreads.

This represents the very last page of the book.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with the originality of the pictures and the guest book. The photographer has captured the true feelings of these couples. I will be following the blog and looking for the wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

I love the grape vines...cool background!


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