Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jen and Rich's Engagement Session

Jen and Rich chose to shoot their engagement session at Locust Grove, which is an absolutely beautiful location. Although we had to avoid some kiddos on a field trip, we had a blast with the session. Jen and Rich have just about two weeks before their big day! Despite the fast approaching date, they both seem to be calm, cool and collected. They're ready to say I DO!

Jen sent me an email with their love story, and I think it is just the sweetest thing ever. In her words, this is how the magic happened:

I had just started my freshman year in college, and several of my best guy friends had all joined the same fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha. In the beginning of my freshman year I actually dated another guy in the fraternity, not Rich. However, as Rich will tell you, he knew the first time he saw me, even when I was dating his fraternity brother that he wanted to get to know me and be friends. Actually, Rich worked at Honey Baked Ham Co. and they were in need of Holiday help, so he got me a job there. I ended up getting a position in the corporate area and would keep my job for the next 4 years. My relationship with this other guy only lasted 5 months though. In those 5 months I had become friends with Rich, both from work and the fraternity. After a pretty bad breakup, Rich was really there for me. We started hanging out quite a lot, and very quickly became best friends. I could tell him anything and everything. Our friends and co-workers would joke with us that we were dating, but we both said we weren’t, we were “just friends”. In fact, we really were just best friends. I could not imagine myself dating Rich at all. Over the next 5 years, I dated several men and Rich remained by my side and was always there for me, in good times and bad. People would still say that we were going to end up married, and I swore that would never happen. I mean he was my best friend, and the thought of us being any more was just odd. Not to mention, if it did not work out, that would have been even more awkward for us. I guess a part of me was afraid that it may not work out, and that I would lose my best friend.
I knew that he had wanted to date me for several years, but I didn’t feel that way towards him at that point in my life, and he respected that. However, in October of 2005, I finally gave in to him. In his words, he “chased me for 5 years”, LOL! We dated for 8 months, and then on July 2, 2006 we got engaged! I always loved Rich, even when we were “just friends”, but I wasn’t “in love” with him. Over the years, something continued to change though. Rich is so caring, and sensitive. He is very family-oriented, which I love, and has the same Christian morals and values as I do. We have so much in common; in fact I can’t think of too many things we don’t agree on. He is unbelievable. Now I know I am in love with him! I love you baby!!"



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