Monday, March 9, 2009

Heart-felt Client Testimonials

I recently asked a client to write a testimonial for a marketing piece I was creating and I was so moved by what she wrote, that I thought I would share it with you.

"Our photo session with Jessica was enjoyable and effortless. Obtaining a quality photo of small children is often frustrating and in the end it can have disappointing results especially in commercial studios. My family really enjoyed the time that we spent with Jessica- she was so friendly and really cared about our family dynamic. We were often unaware that our picture was even being taken! As a result I have amazing photos of my sons that capture that very special time in our lives beautifully. These photos are timeless and we will cherish them for years to come!"


Here is another: "Having Vogue Visions capture images of me and my "baby bump" when I was pregnant with my daughter Hailey was truly special. I look at the images and it takes me back to that very day when I was so excited and anxious for her to arrive into this world. It was an amazing experience and I'll always have those pictures that provide me with memories that I will always cherish. The professionalism and quality was exceptional and I plan on continuing with this tradition with my next pregnancy."

I am so thankful for the wonderful feedback I receive from my clients. I enjoy what I do for a living so much, that it never feels like work for me. I am so blessed that God gave me a talent that I can share with others, helping them keep special memories alive forever!



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