Monday, March 9, 2009

My Love List

I started to jot down a "love list" this summer when I realized that there are so many things in this life that bring me great joy. Now, you may or may not be interested in knowing, but here is my love list. These are in no particular order, but the first three are the most important!

• My family
• The way Luke loves me!
• Photography
• 5 speed cars
• The feeling I get when I step on an airplane
• Facebook
• The sound of the ocean
• Chocolate
• Phil Collins (I know, say what you will...)
• Hawaii
• Red wine
• Dark beer (Bourbon Barrel Stout from BBC is my all-time fav)
• Emotional, heart-wrenching music
• Big windows
• Baby toes
• Dramatic lighting
• Garlic
• California Coast
• Liv, Ella and Signe kisses
• Great girlfriends
• The feeling of love in the air
• Helping other people
• Beer cheese & pretzels
• Acoustic guitar
• Growing pains (it means I’m growing!)
• A clean house
• The first warm day after winter
• 80’s music (especially Monster Ballads!)


Ally said...

Oh man, beer cheese and pretzels make the top of EVERY one of my lists!! :) Yum!!


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