Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Look for Vogue Visions Photography in the upcoming issue of Underwired Magazine!

Vogue Visions Photography and Underwired Magazine are partnering to promote lifestyle portraiture. Lifestyle portraiture is a unique way to capture the personalities and relationships of the ones you love. Utilizing natural lighting and a relaxed setting, your story is illustrated through photographs in timeless fashion. Whether maternity, baby or family, each lifestyle session takes advantage of the inherent beauty of the everyday settings in your home, back yard or favorite park. This enables the true qualities of your emotions for your loved ones to be expressed in a natural way.You won't find any phony posing here. Lifestyle portraiture is your story- genuine, sincere, heartfelt.

If you have never had the opportunity to pick up a free copy of the magazine, please do so! They are available at many locations around the Louisville area. Underwired is a wonderfully fun, woman-inspired read!




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