Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Help me decide which image to submit!

I am submitting an image this year for consideration on one of the covers of Professional Photographer, published by the Professional Photographers of America, which I am a member of. These images will be judged on technical aspects as well as how well it will fit into a magazine layout. I originally had another image in mind, but since I just shot several amazing sessions over the past few weeks, I changed my mind. I am down to two possibilities. For you to sort of imagine what it may look like, I imposed a comparable title and feature article, which is typically the layout of the cover. Please comment and let me know which you like best and why!

Image #1, Baby Jack just out of the Tub!

Image #2, Baby Hailey's Lashes!

Thank you for your feedback!


Anonymous said...

They are both wonderful pictures, but I love baby Hailey's lashes. The reason I choose this picture is because it is not your average baby picture. It is unique . This photo captures the photographers style as well as the childs beauty.


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